Three Super-Virtues

The commoncc of Virtue




I say, the three super-virtues are:

1.     Appreciation,

2.     Courage, and

3.     Wisdom.


 There are three super-virtues, and appreciation is the first among equals.


Appreciation is first, because of what it encompasses and what comes from it, like: respect, honor, caring, contribution, fun, love, excitement, awareness, self-awareness, and inspiration.  And while the output can be somewhat limited without courage, or less effectual without wisdom, appreciation should come first. 


Courage without appreciation creates monsters; wisdom without appreciation leads to sorrow and emptiness, and no other virtue is as overarching and down-right virtuous as appreciation.


If I could only choose two virtues, I would choose courage next, because appreciation is enough to guide courage, though balance may be lacking.  With courage and appreciation, but without wisdom may come inefficiency or even innocent wrongdoing due to a lack of ability to predict or completely comprehend the consequences of outcomes.


Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.

- Eddie Rickenbacker


However, given only appreciation and wisdom but not courage, one would most likely hide and offer little.  I would take courage after appreciation, and together they will provide industry.


Wisdom is the next super-virtue, and is above all others when joined with the first two.  With wisdom comes knowledge and a deeper understanding than appreciation alone can provide.  Understanding provides balance. 


But it is a tenant of wisdom not to do desperate things.

- Henry David Thoreau


Give me appreciation, courage, and wisdom, and I will show you the world. 


Appreciation can be learned;

Courage must be earned, and

Wisdom may be discerned.





How say you?