The commoncc of Synapse Misfirings

There is no undo,

In Life;

There is only do.

- commoncc 2013-4-26




Appreciation is given, not earned.


The would-be appreciator must possess

The situational capacity


That quality of personhood.


It makes a nice gift.


- commoncc 2012-2-11




Life’s not trying to trick us.

Life is

Practically begging us to

Figure it out


Get it right.


- commoncc 2012-2-10




It’s an unwritten truth that…



- commoncc 2012-2-3




Teachers say:

 “Tell them:

What you’re going to tell them,

 Tell them,

And then tell them what you’ve told them.” 


By some reckonings,

Someone’s just wasted our time…



- commoncc 2012-1-10




How say you?