Early Days of Occupy LA


Seeing the Occupy protestors, camped-out on the lawns

surrounding City Hall,

I saw dozens of cardboard signs including many that

said, "End Homelessness”.















I rode 5 blocks South, and a block & 1/2 East, to skid row.

But I didn’t see any protestors, and I

didn’t see any tents or signs.























Maybe, the movement is still trying to find its soul. 

Here’s what it looks like today. 





















Because we still have a slog ahead,

I can’t help but feel this is a beginning, not an end.

But of what, I do not know, exactly.


If a boat named Courage

has a sail named Appreciation,

made full by Wisdom, the wind,

what is the question?


Maybe, How’ ya gonna act; who’ ya gonna be?

  - commoncc



How say you?