Gettin’ Jiggy With Employment

Future of Jobs



The corporation of the future is going to have to get more efficient, and for people to fit in to the picture, something big has to change, and here it is.  Subcontractors, temporary/contract labor, and consultants are going to become the norm. 


Corporations will have a certain number of permanent employees.  There will be three types of permanent employees including: Managers (providing decision/direction management), taskers (performing consistently-needed tasks), and knowledge-based employees (to provide knowledge management and cultural consistency).   Management will continue to do what management has traditionally done, as will an increasingly smaller number of taskers.


Interestingly, knowledge-based employees will become increasingly critical to corporations.  Even today, corporations struggle with knowledge retention as people leave or retire, and more and more work is outsourced to specialists (subcontractors, temporary/contract labor, and consultants) who can perform functions more efficiently.  Knowledge management will explode as a field of software and specialty.


The new middle management will effectively be the owner-operators and managers of  subcontract, temporary/contract labor, and consultant businesses.


The outsourced many will become the norm.  The American government has taken a big step towards making this new reality tenable by taking the employer out of the loop for future healthcare.    Home ownership will become less attractive, as mobility becomes a big plus.  Some used to say The one who dies with the most toys wins.  In the future, simplicity and efficiency will be advantageous, as they aid mobility.


So, there are places for everyone.  The right places just might be moving targets.





How say you?