Clearly loaded, the question suggests a social responsibility aspect to dignity(1).  And that’s fair-enough, because while we cannot create dignity in another person, we can certainly support its development.  Dignity can be as simple, elusive, and fleeting as happiness.  Still, dignity for everyone is pretty cool, right? 


But should we?  On the scale, genocide-suffering-dignity-prosperity-abundance, dignity comes out somewhere in the middle.  Shouldn’t we solve genocide and suffering, before worrying about dignity?  The question may be, What percentage of our resources can we (or should we) focus on and devote to the cause of human dignity? 


What’s important about this question is, it suggests we should

think about

the area between dignity and prosperity as

the minimum standard


we are willing to accept


our fellow human beings.


To resolve a large, pervasive social problem in one giant bite, we must dance on slippery slopes, balance on razors(2), and modify natural human behavior…Good work, if you can get it, but hey, let’s not rule anything out prematurely.  Sometimes, big answers are the only answers.  Picking at the problems of humanity makes us feel good…And it preserves our internal balance of power. 


But it is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

- Hank Thoreau


If we were to peer-out from the safety of our theoretical hovel to the wild-lands of the practical, and we wanted to commit at least some of our creativity, effort, and resources to resolving the issue, what course, with appreciation, courage, and wisdom would we follow?  Would we launch an awareness campaign (maybe, at a 99% rally), make microloans, buy someone a suit, or hang-out with poor people to coach and inspire them?  Maybe.


One of these things is not like the others: creativity, effort, and resources.  Creativity is infinite (and infinity hath no half).  One more thing.  (Sit-up straight.)  Perfection can be the enemy.  (Breathe.)  A partial solution is better than no solution.  (Now, smile.)


 Let us thoroughly douse the problem of people lacking human dignity, with creativity, together.  How say you?


 1. Dignity: The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect – Google

2. Razor: In philosophy, a razor is a device which allows one to shave away unlikely explanations. - Wikipedia




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