Great Character is Worth the Cost

The commoncc of Character and Destiny



Whether you believe in destiny or not, there’s always a reason to do the right thing.  Here’s a couple of angles on that thought.


For me, I think, Life (capital “L”) is just a training ground for something much more enduring.  I think that these things that seem so important at the time are only important because of the lessons they offer.  In the end, we will see all and know all, as we become a part of an omniscience, or “one with God”. 


(Here, I am reluctant to compare human suffering to stubbing your toe; please understand, I am only doing it to make a point.)  Here’s what I say.  In the end, all my suffering will be like a time that I stubbed my toe, in that I remember it hurt, but the intense pain does not accompany the memory.


 But, hey, that’s just me.


“There is no destiny”, let’s say, for a moment.  Bottom line is, we’ve got to do something with our time in this life.  Why not do something important?  Or if important doesn’t seem to be flowing, why not at least do something cool?


Importantly, pride can cause us to miss-out on opportunities.  When things don’t go our way…I mean, you know…Things can really get fouled-up in this life, sometimes.  When that happens, only by divorcing ourselves of pride can we find a new greatness.


Back to destiny.  Maybe we each do have a predetermined destiny, or maybe some do and some don’t.  Could be, right?  What if our paths are predetermined, and we are but walking our paths?  Either way, I don't see that as getting us away from free will, and i turn, responsibility for our actions.


Two things about predetermination.  First, we would be in no way less responsible for acting to fulfill a destiny, just because it was predetermined, me thinks.  And second, it would (or does) not make the destiny any less special.  It’s about the journey and who we become from the journey. 


A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.
- Jean de La Fontaine




How say you?