Stop, Drop & Roll to Improve Your Negotiating Position



What will we wish we had asked,

if the right answers begin

with right questions?








1. Stop: Only you can stop you; catch yourself; break your "state".  (Your “state” is your current state of mind, how you’re thinking at the moment.)  One way of breaking your state is something Dispute Resolution professionals call "stepping out onto the balcony", which means taking a break; go to the bathroom or something.  Other ways to break your state can be as simple as saying something completely unexpected, yawning & stretching, or whistling.  Come-up with your own.


2. Drop: Drop your "paradigm".  Your paradigm is your model; it’s the way you're looking at the situation.  Take a moment to review your assumptions.  Are you missing something?  Is your focus too narrow, too broad?  Are you on track to accomplish your goals in this situation?  


3. Roll: Roll a new idea out onto the negotiating table.  This could be a small desire, a major new point or direction, or a “red herring”.  (A “red herring” is something that doesn’t  exist.  It’s a distraction.)  Any of these can produce different results, and have the potential to have a dramatic effect during a negotiation. 


How say you?


[commoncc,] you …peer into the heart of the matter…

with a strange mix of formality and informality...casual and serious all at the same time. 


It's typically a stance / posture reserved for satirists,

but you are too involved to hold yourself apart from the general flow of life. 

So you write instead…from the vantage point of an engaged participant,

and from a perspective that assumes we are all in this together. 


I like that stance, that strange ability to juxtapose the formal and the informal,

and the risks you take by declaring a strong position.



- Douglas